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 Why fiber optic box should be straight
Autor: Greentelftth (---.HINET-IP.hinet.net)
Datum:   27.02.17 09:46

Important factors:

1. fiber optic box accession depth: up to 40 inches

The abyss that fiber cables should be active is angled by the clay altitude and apparent usage. In colder areas, fiber cables are about active beneath the frost band to anticipate the cables from getting damaged by arena frost heaves.

2. Accumulate the trenches as beeline as possible

Fiber cable trenches should be straight, and the arroyo basal should be collapsed and level. Backfill can aswell be acclimated to deliver the cable bulk analogously and assure the cables.

Cable Burying techniques:

1. Bashed under

Plowing in a fiber cable is faster than trenched. But this activity has to be anxiously monitored to anticipate from damaging the cable.

2. Trenched

The fiber cable can aswell be trenched. This activity is slower than agronomics in; however, it allows a abundant added controlled cable installation. Trenches can be dug by duke or by machine.

3. Directional boring

Directional arid address is acclimated breadth the apparent cannot be formed on such as high, railway crossings, etc. Instead, a arid apparatus is acclimated to bore a several inches bore aperture beneath the surface, a aqueduct is affairs through the aperture and again Fiber Optic Termination Box pulled into the duct.

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